The concept of “Buy now, Pay later”

This merchant is selling car engine oil and providing servicing. 🚗🚘 According to their customers, they prefer to pay by cards or e-wallets because of the concept “Buy now, Pay later” and they will always look for the shops (merchants) who accept cards and e-wallets.  💳🏧🤩🤩

Therefore, they applied for the All-In-One Digital Wireless Touchscreen Terminal (card + e-wallets acceptances) that can accept cards and e-wallets QR-Based in the market in order to attract their customers. This merchant found out that accepted credit cards and e-wallets were able to increase sales at least 15-20%. 🔼⬆️🆙🔝📈

Such a smart choice to accept cards and e-wallets to boost the sales. 👏👍🏻🥳